Hi, I am Theodoros.

I love my wife. She loves me. Both of us love our little daughters and, according to what they say, they love us too. I also love long distance running, watching the movies of Bergman, Fellini and Godard, listening to the music of Frank Zappa, Sergei Rachmaninoff and J.S. Bach, reading Cavafy, Proust and Kerouac and eating grapes and blueberries.

Photography occurred to me out of the blue, don’t ask me how, I don’t remember. I assume from my need to tell stories. I always liked telling stories. Real stories. Different stories. Stories from the eyes of an observer who has a thirst for seeing happy people living their love and recording their unique moments with his camera.

From 2014, I share my time between Greece, USA and Italy, shooting weddings on Greek islands and fashion at New York and Milan’s Fashion Weeks. I have been working with some of the best wedding vendors in Greece and as an official photographer for designers and brands at New York and Milan.

This is my story. If you see someone on the street with All Stars and prominent ears, that will be me.

I’d be very happy to listen to your story.

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